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What better way to explore the history of Berrien County than through a (safe and socially-distanced) Scavenger Hunt?

The Berrien County Historical Association (BCHA) is inviting the public to learn more about Berrien County through a fun, creative scavenger hunt every Thursday in November, 2020. The BCHA will release 3 clues about area history, all coming from the book: History Sketches of Berrien County. Each correct submission (photo and answer) will get participants one entry into a raffle for an amazing prize basket. 

Rules & How To Play:

  • Anyone 13 years and older is eligible to participate with no purchase necessary.
  • Clues will be sent out every Thursday in November (beginning November 5th) via email and also through the BCHA Facebook page.
  • All answers must be sent via email to info@berrienhistory.org by December 3rd to be considered valid. Emails must include “Scavenger Hunt” in the subject line. You must indicate the correct answer (in addition to the photo) in the body of the email. 
  • Every correct photo sent will count as one entry towards the drawing (upwards to 12 entries available). Items like buildings, open grounds, and even gravestones count towards providing the answer, but any wording must be clear in the photo. 
  • Not every email has to have an answer to each clue, but all answers must include a picture to be counted. 
  • Creative photos are welcomed, but remember to be safe!

The winner of the raffle will receive a $50 gift certificate to On the Dock Books and Gifts, one copy of Historical Sketches of Berrien County, one individual membership to the BCHA, and some BCHA-themed items.

Rhiannon Cizon, Executive Director of BCHA, said: “The scavenger hunt is a way for the BCHA to let people safely explore the county’s history and give them an excuse to take a walk outside!”

Enjoy a beautiful fall day while learning more about Berrien County’s history and possibly winning a fantastic prize. Visit the BCHA Facebook page or email info@berrienhistory.org to learn more.