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In 1995, Berrien Springs was named the Christmas Pickle Capital of the world, in large part due to the yearly festival that had become known across the region. Several years ago, the Pickle Festival was shoved back in the jar…but now it’s making a triumphant return to Berrien Springs on July 4th.

By all accounts, this is going to be an event to relish.

Starting at 10 AM, all events will take place at the Berrien Springs Community Library and the Berrien County Court House, creating a Village-centric all-day event that is hopefully just a tiny glimpse of what’s to come . “We’re bringing the pickle festival back because we love the spirit it brought this community,” says Rhiannon Cizon, Executive Director of the Berrien County Historical Association.

A multi-agency effort, the new Berrien Springs Pickle Festival promises to be a tasty slice of what’s to come in future years.

‘Bring yourself and your gherkins down for activities,” which will include pickle decorating, a pickle toss, and and ice cream social, says Kristina Knezic, Director of the Berrien Springs Community Library. Rounding out the day will also be a 4th of July parade and fireworks, the “bread-and-butter” of this community celebration.

“You’ll relish the return of the pickle festival…it’s gonna be a big dill!” says Kelly Ewalt, Community Development Coordinator with the Village of Berrien Springs.

To learn more, watch the video below or check out the Berrien Springs Pickle Festival Facebook page.