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Adapting. That’s a word we’ve heard a lot this spring and summer. From high school graduations to sporting events…to how we shop for groceries. 

It should be noted that to adapt requires a great amount of effort. This is no exception to the effort being made by the Berrien County Youth Fair to adapt to changes to their annual event this summer. There may not be any rides or grandstand events, and so far we’ve had to drive, not walk, to get our hands on that delicious fair food; but the BCYF will be hosting Berrien County Showcase – Where Youth Are Essential, an event that will allow the fair to showcase the youth exhibits in a different format. 

The event is slated for August 15-23 and the BCYF is in the process of getting the information on their website and out to the exhibitors. 

“It’s going to be a drive-in, drive-out showcase of exhibits for kids to be able to participate. We have some of our areas that are not going to be available at this point. But we will have llamas, beef, goats, sheep, equine, poultry, flowers, horticulture and crafts. And dogs and cats.”

Karen Klug, Secretary and Fair Manager

The Showcase will open to Berrien County children ages 5 to 20. Only exhibitors and their parents/guardians will be allowed to attend (the showcase will not be open to the public). There will be a one-day showcase for all exhibit areas and there may be multiple department showcases each day. Exhibitor eligibility rules will still apply. 

Klug added: “Everybody’s postponed their events. It’s been a tough decision for everybody. Most of the fairs throughout the state are involved with youth and we all just wanted to try to provide something to the youth to feel a little bit normal this summer. Obviously it’s not going to be anywhere near what normal is.” 

The BCYF had high hopes of creating a summer to celebrate, as this year marks the 75th anniversary of the BCYF. Klug made it clear that the fair is not cancelling any 75th anniversary festivities, but rather postponing that fun to 2021.

Check back with the BCYF website regularly as more information becomes available, and stay tuned for an unforgettable celebration in 2021!