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Berrien Springs is a hub of outdoor fun all year round, but Spring offers a variety of opportunities: fishing, kayaking, hiking trails, and waterways galore. Here are some of our favorite ways to celebrate the season in Berrien Springs:

Fisherman’s Haven sits in the valley between the Lake Chapin dam and the mighty St. Joseph River. Off of M139, just before Dean’s Hill Road, there is a small paved entry that leads to a gravel parking lot. Here, you’ll find plenty of shoreline to cast your fishing line into the beautiful waters, and a ramp to launch your kayak into the river.

The route to kayak is nearly five miles; twisting through small islands and under the bypass, with views of Berrien Springs you’d never imagine. Pull out of the water at the Jasper Dairy Boat Launch, and enjoy the scenic drive back into town for a delicious lunch at one of the many cafes and coffee shops.

Tucked away on the northwest side of Andrews University, eleven miles of trails loop and climb through the picturesque landscape of Berrien Springs. Open to the community, you can hike, walk, or mountain bike through this hidden campus gem. Locate the Pathfinder Building parking lot, and you’ve found one of the two trail access points. Be sure to photograph the immense wildlife you’ll see on your trip! The trails are open from dawn until dusk, daily.

If the woods are calling you, venture over to Love Creek County Park on Huckleberry Road, just outside of town. With two hundred acres of wildlife preserve at your fingertips, there are many activities to add to your day!

Six miles of hiking trails outline the rolling hills of Berrien Springs, and as bike rental is available here, enjoy the three and a half mile mountain bike trail also. The wildflowers that dot the forest floor and trails are breathtaking. Love Creek does require a pass to enter, but the $3 fee is absolutely worth it.

Love Creek County Park

Standing in the center of town on Cass Street is the Historical Courthouse Square. Restored in 1976, Berrien Springs shines light on education and community from the variety of events, programs, and exhibits offered at the courthouse. Stroll the historic property, marvel at the artifacts in the museum, and learn about the rich history of Berrien Springs. The newly added exhibit, A Walk in the Park, explores the vast parks of Berrien County and our entire state.

Historical Courthouse Square, Berrien Springs

Springtime weather can be finicky; some warm and sunshine-y days, some days a bit overcast, but every day is a wonderful day for a park visit! Wolf’s Prairie Park, or The Grove, is perched on a cliff overlooking Lake Chapin. Pavilions, playground equipment, gazebo benches and swings fill this place with ample things to do outdoors.

Just off of Park Avenue, where Cass, Main, and Kimmel streets end, The Grove calls for a picnic, family gathering, or a fresh walk through nature. You will be back time and time again.