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Berrien Springs is loaded with great places to get away from it all and enjoy peace, quiet and nature. Whether you’re on foot or on bike, these favorite trails deliver forested fun: 

Love Creek Nature Center and County Park

People come from Illinois, Indiana and northern Michigan to ski the Love Creek trails. But Love Creek has just as much to offer in the spring. From marshes to prairies to ravines, the scenic 6-mile trail offers hikers, bikers and dog walkers plenty to take in.

The spring wildflowers and the growth of the mature Beech-Maple forest are popular, while the designated 3-mile mountain bike trail gives those adventure-seekers plenty of room to play. 

Love Creek rents out fat tire bikes, skis and snow shoes in the fall and winter, and mountain bikes to both adults and kids in the spring and summer. Plenty to do. Plenty to see. Plenty of reasons to check out Love Creek. 

The Trails at Andrews

Up and down. Constant elevation. Punchy climbs. When it comes to trails for the advanced hikers and mountain bikers, it’s hard to find anything more challenging than the Trails at Andrews. 

Tucked between US Highway 31 and the Andrews University campus, this 10-mile trail system can be described as “relentless.” It’s a hand-built single track constructed almost entirely by local volunteers. There’s more than 1,000 feet of vertical elevation per lap, bringing the serious hikers and bikers in from all across the region. In fact, it’s even the training trails for a local world-class athlete. A 6-tenth of a mile “warm-up” loop was recently created for those looking for a lighter exercise. 

No matter your preferred pace on the trails, Berrien Springs offers something for every nature lover. Why not head out for a stroll or spin today?